Updated renewal process

We’re constantly working to improve how our tool functions. Our ideal tool is one that you can “set and forget”, allowing you to focus more on the fun happening in-game.

This week we published improvements on the way our systems function. The majority of these changes are behind the scene, but one of the major changes is that activation keys are no longer changed after each renewal.

If you extend your license, the system used to generate a new activation key, requiring the user to manually open their tool preferences and update their tool with the latest details.

As of today, users no longer need to worry about updating their activation key after a renewal. As soon as a membership is renewed, the tool is ready to go with the details it has saved. If you ever want to view the status of your membership, this can be seen from the tool preferences:


You can renew your account at any time by purchasing a new license:


This is automatically applied to the account linked to your PayPal email address. Bug fixes, optimisation and resetting classes fixed!

Several changes have been made over the last few weeks, see the below copy of the change log since the last release:

Version 1.2.5

  • Upgraded easy account system.
  • Dynamic mpdata backup system implemented.
  • Resetting classes glitch fixed.
  • Default NSOpenPanel path changed to help Lion users.
  • Optimisation has reduced the binary size by over 60%.
  • Memory leaks fixed.
  • A bug causing false failed activations has been fixed.
  • Fixed anti-spread.


Version 1.2.4

  • The crash in the tool system experienced by 10.7.2(11C74) users has been fixed.
  • Memory leaks in the easy account system have been fixed.
  • Memory management in the easy account system has been improved for improved stability.
  • The “no key has been entered” glitch in the easy account system has been fixed.

Migration Completed

Our migration to a new server has been completed. As it is possible that emails may have been lost during the migration, if you contacted support in the past two days (between Saturday and Sunday) and have not yet had an answer, resending your email will help.

Everything should seem as it was before, but if you do notice anything unusual, contact us via the link in the top menu.


Server Migration

Due to issues on our current server, we will be migrating to a new server over the next few hours. While we will aim to keep up our service, delays when contacting support are possible. This only affects our websites and our support system, members using the tool are unaffected.

Any DNS changes should be updated within 24/48 hours, depending on your ISP.

Kind Regards,