CSGO Advantage Tool – Update Available

A new version of the CSGO Advantage Tool for macOS is now available. Recent changes in CSGO have broken the previous calibration process, causing the CSGO Advantage Tool to get stuck with a “Preparing tool…” message. Older versions stopped working today.

Please download the latest version of the CSGO Advantage Tool for Mac from the members page:


This update is version 2.2.51 for the CSGO Advantage Tool, published on 4th June 2020.

COD4 & macOS 10.15

MacOS Mojave is unfortunately the last version of macOS to support 32-bit applications: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT208436

Why is this important? While CSGO is unaffected, Call of Duty 4 is still built as a 32-bit application and may not function in the next release of macOS, expected summer 2019.

It seems the Aspyr is aware of this and working to release 32-bit versions of some of the favourites, though timelines are unclear for COD4 (if that will even be re-released as a 64-bit application):



[CSGO] Essential Update 2.2.40 – Panorama Time

The latest CSGO update dropped older functionality that was needed by the calibration process of the CSGO Advantage Tool. A fix has already been identified and tested, but will require an update to the tool for all CSGO users.

Active members can update directly from the tool’s Help menu:

The latest version is also published directly on the download form of the CSGO Website: https://csgomachacks.com/members


[CSGO] Update 2.2.32 – Minor Fixes & Enhancements

Version 2.2.32 of the CSGO Advantage Tool just went live. Active members can update directly from the tool’s Help menu:

The changes are largely internal improvements and fixes, including improved crash reporting (so we can better act on the crash reports sent in, with less user input required). The only noticeable change will be that turning off the reduced flash feature should work better now.

2.2.32 Update Summary

  • Minor fixes under the hood.
  • Minor enhancements under the hood.
  • Reduced CPU usage from bhop execution loop.
  • Detangled correlation between bhop and reduced flash.