Delayed Order Processing

Normally orders are processed automatically within a few minutes of payment completion. Unfortunately a number of orders have gotten stuck overnight and are currently delayed.

We’re working to resolve this as soon as possible – if your order confirmation is still missing after a few hours, please contact us with your transaction ID and rough time the order happened.

Delayed support responses

Please be advised that the support mailbox is currently experiencing delivery issues. I’m receiving emails but I’m currently not able to respond.

This should be back to normal in the next 24 hours, but in the meantime please contact us via our facebook page or live chat, if a response is needed sooner than later.

Order confirmations (and account details) are sent via a different system and are not affected, this only affects the support mailbox when contacting us via email.

MacOS Mojave – Issues Resolved

I’ve received numerous reports of issues with both the COD4 and CSGO advantage tools having issues with the latest MacOS, Mojave. One cause has been identified although I’m still working on determining a reliable solution.

10th October

  • Both the causes and the fixes have been identified.
  • Currently testing for stability, with aim to release by the end of this week.
  • Results so far indicate the COD4 issues are resolved.
  • Awaiting further results with CSGO.

11th October

  • All solutions have been confirmed as successful.
  • Updates are live and ready to download. If you’re having issues with either the CSGO or COD4 tool, especially on Mojave, please download the latest version from the download pages.


Error: “You must change the feed URL ((null)) to use HTTPS or disable App Transport Security”

Some users have recently reported the following error:

With thanks to the users that helped me troubleshoot the details surrounding this error, a fix is now available and in the final stages of testing. I believe I’ve contacted everyone that notified me about this error, but if you’re seeing this while trying to use the CSGO Advantage Tool – drop me and email.

Pending some final stability testing and feedback, the fixed update will soon be made available to everyone. Thank you for the patience and support while working on this issue!