1.2.0 Released with X-Ray vision and more!

After several weeks of hard work a new method of manipulating the game has been completed, opening a new door to us. What does this mean? With this new method we have the capabilities to create far more advanced Call of Duty 4:MW hacks for Mac OS X than ever before. Today we have released The Advantage Tool 1.2.0, our most advanced Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare hack for Mac OS X so far…

With this new method we have already gotten slightly carried away and have added four new configurable dvars to the game console:

  1. mgh_vtta
  2. mgh_tags
  3. mgh_recoil
  4. mgh_xray

The ability to add dvars to the game is a major boost in playability while using this COD4 hack for Mac OS X. As these are now in-game dvars, you can easily set up a keybind to toggle these commands during gameplay simply by hitting a button.


Brief explanation of new dvars:

The vtta dvar does all the work for you when enabling the visual target tracking aid hack, which used to require manual setup in the tool with 4 different variables. Now you just set up a bind, and hit a key to toggle the VTTA as soon as you join a game, no fuss at all!

The tags dvar can be used in the same way and, even though it currently only shows friendly names through walls, it is extremely useful for differentiating friendlies from enemies while using X-Ray vision.

The recoil dvar allows you to enable and disable recoil as you please with the toggle of a command. Best of all, the setting you last used is remembered by the game: so if you quit the game and reload it, as long as you have re-injected our program using the tool, it’ll recognise whether recoil should be on or off!

The X-Ray dvar is the most advanced of all of the latest additions. When activated it toggles numerous features and game functions to give the effect you see: all objects around you are instantly made transparent. My personal favourite is using this on the map named “crossfire”, along with the zoom multiplier, disabled recoil, and a SAW with a red dot sight. Try it out, you’ll be leading in your team in no time!

How do I set up key binds?

The explanation is simple! The Call of Duty 4 console, even on the Mac OS X version, has a command called “bind”. This is the command used by the game to set up your key configuration. For example in your config_mp.cfg you might find:

bind A “+moveleft”

You can use the same command in the console for any keyboard letter to do virtually anything as long as your syntax is correct. For example to toggle X-Ray vision using the “x” key during gameplay, set up your key bind by doing:

/bind x “toggle mgh_xray 1 0”

Now if you have set up the tool correctly, injected, and joined a game, you should be able to toggle X-Ray vision simply by hitting the “x” key! This is extremely useful as a sniper! More information and examples on how to use binds to set useful shortcuts can be found in the injection readme included with the tool.


One of our developers has posted the above information in the form of a video on our YouTube channel. If you’re curious what this all looks like, or are a little lost while following all of this, watch this video:


If you have any questions about this Call of Duty 4 hack for Mac OS X, contact support via the link in the menubar at the top of this page or click here.