1.2.1 Released – Minor Bug fixes

The Advantage Tool 1.2.1 has been released today with a weeks worth of fixes and improvements. Some of you may have noticed a crash after disabling recoil via the tool, and then attempting to use the beta feature. This is due to a clash in the code that allows the program to disable recoil in Call of Duty 4 for Mac OS X.

As a solution we have disabled the in-tool feature allowing you to toggle recoil. You can still play without recoil by using the “mgh_recoil 0” console command within the game, after deploying the beta.

We decided to keep this dvar based version two reasons: the background code is much cleaner (potentially improving framerate); and after disabling recoil once using the console command, it is saved by the game’s dvar system, meaning as long as you have deployed the beta, you will not need remember to disable recoil again as this is done automatically.

There are several other fixes that have been made in the tool, many of which improve the tool’s system. For a full update list, refer to the changelog included with the tool.