CSGO Panorama Update Issues Resolved

The CSGO Advantage Tool is once again fully functional & compatible with the latest CSGO update. The root cause of these issues have been identified and have since been resolved.

Edit: This includes the tiny CSGO update that was just pushed a few minutes ago.

After relaunching the CSGO Advantage Tool it should once again be fully functional.

The crashes seen in the tool were a consequence of an overly aggressive deadlock, designed to prevent the tool from making any changes in the game after a potential mis-calibration was detected.

These deadlocks prevent the tool from unintentionally changing something that should never have changed, protecting the user from one of the few things that can get caught by VAC on macOS.

Thank you for the patience!


I'm investigating issues reported in compatibility with the recently released CSGO update.

The tool may face occasional crashes or only partially function due to core changes in the latest update for Counter Strike Global Offensive.

The nature of the cause is not yet clear, making an ETA for a fix difficult to provide at this time. I'll keep this post updated as I'm able to progress the investigation.

Your patience is highly appreciated.