Error “(null) (Error: TC#7)” is thrown when the CSGO Advantage Tool detects CSGO

We’re aware of the CSGO Advantage Tool occasionally displaying the following error after it detects CSGO: “(null) (Error: TC#7)”.

If you see error TC#7 it means that CSGO has been updated and our recalibration is not yet complete. The calibration process is not yet fully automated when a new version of CSGO is released for Mac.

We’re working to automate this process in future, although note that the calibration process can take some time depending on the time needed to download the update and if any issues arise during the recalibration on our side. If this error continues to display after several minutes have passed, please contact us for more information.

Error TC#7 is supposed to display a more meaningful message, so that it’s clear why the error has happened, and we will correct this in the next release to hopefully alleviate any confusion arising from this.