1.2.3 – FPS booster!

The major new feature in the latest update will interest anyone who has performance issues with their version of Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare for Mac. Our latest release includes a 2 step FPS booster, controlled by a console command (see readme included with download).

Preliminary tests involving the recording and playback of a gameplay demo showed the following results:

The demo file created and used for these benchmark tests can be downloaded here: demo0000.dm_1.zip In order to use and test the above file on your own system, unzip and place it within your demos folder:

“Call of Duty 4 Data/main/demos”

Launch the game console, and type:

“timedemo demo0000.dm_1”

The game will play the demo with your current graphics settings, and the test results will be visible in the expanded console (toggle using “shift + tilde”) once the timedemo has completed.

The first step of the frames per second (FPS) booster disables all lighting effects, including shadows; while the second step disables all other special effects including smoke, clouds, and flames. In the video shown above, the FPS Booster was toggled using a key bind registered before the start of the video. Instructions on setting a similar key bind are included with the download.

Some users may have a maximum framerate cap of 85 FPS set by their game by default, this can be lifted using the “Advanced” settings tab of The Advantage Tool, or using the console command “com_maxfps 0”.

Members who previously used the fullbright command will have to make use of the FPS booster set to 1 as it now controls fullbright. The above tests were done on a 13″ MacBook with several background processes running, test results may vary.

Members can download the latest update via the Members page. If you’re interested in a membership, visit our homepage for more details: www.callofduty4machacks.com