MacOS Mojave – Issues Resolved

I’ve received numerous reports of issues with both the COD4 and CSGO advantage tools having issues with the latest MacOS, Mojave. One cause has been identified although I’m still working on determining a reliable solution.

10th October

  • Both the causes and the fixes have been identified.
  • Currently testing for stability, with aim to release by the end of this week.
  • Results so far indicate the COD4 issues are resolved.
  • Awaiting further results with CSGO.

11th October

  • All solutions have been confirmed as successful.
  • Updates are live and ready to download. If you’re having issues with either the CSGO or COD4 tool, especially on Mojave, please download the latest version from the download pages.


[CSGO] Essential Update 2.2.40 – Panorama Time

The latest CSGO update dropped older functionality that was needed by the calibration process of the CSGO Advantage Tool. A fix has already been identified and tested, but will require an update to the tool for all CSGO users.

Active members can update directly from the tool’s Help menu:

The latest version is also published directly on the download form of the CSGO Website:


[CSGO] Update 2.2.32 – Minor Fixes & Enhancements

Version 2.2.32 of the CSGO Advantage Tool just went live. Active members can update directly from the tool’s Help menu:

The changes are largely internal improvements and fixes, including improved crash reporting (so we can better act on the crash reports sent in, with less user input required). The only noticeable change will be that turning off the reduced flash feature should work better now.

2.2.32 Update Summary

  • Minor fixes under the hood.
  • Minor enhancements under the hood.
  • Reduced CPU usage from bhop execution loop.
  • Detangled correlation between bhop and reduced flash.


CSGO Panorama Update Issues Resolved

The CSGO Advantage Tool is once again fully functional & compatible with the latest CSGO update. The root cause of these issues have been identified and have since been resolved.

Edit: This includes the tiny CSGO update that was just pushed a few minutes ago.

After relaunching the CSGO Advantage Tool it should once again be fully functional.

The crashes seen in the tool were a consequence of an overly aggressive deadlock, designed to prevent the tool from making any changes in the game after a potential mis-calibration was detected.

These deadlocks prevent the tool from unintentionally changing something that should never have changed, protecting the user from one of the few things that can get caught by VAC on macOS.

Thank you for the patience!


I'm investigating issues reported in compatibility with the recently released CSGO update.

The tool may face occasional crashes or only partially function due to core changes in the latest update for Counter Strike Global Offensive.

The nature of the cause is not yet clear, making an ETA for a fix difficult to provide at this time. I'll keep this post updated as I'm able to progress the investigation.

Your patience is highly appreciated.


[CSGO] Update 2.2.30 – TriggerBot Scope Detection & Auto Scope – Misc Fixes & Improvements

This update focuses on two new features for the TriggerBot in the CSGO Advantage Tool, although it includes several overdue fixes that caused repeated frustration among a small number of users.

New Features

Firstly, the exciting goodness. The juicy bits. A repeated weakness of the TriggerBot is that it will try to no-scope. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you die whilst reloading shamefully:

  • Added a scope-check feature to the TriggerBot.
    • When enabled, the TriggerBot will check if your current weapon has a scope before attempting to fire.
    • If it has a scope, it’ll check if you’re currently aiming through the scope before deciding to fire.
  • Added an auto-scope feature to the TriggerBot.
    • When the scope-check is enabled and your current weapon with a scope isn’t aiming through the scope, the TriggerBot will trigger your aim/attack2 key followed by a small delay before shooting.
    • This usually gives enough time to bring up the scope before attempting to automatically shoot.
    • The aim/attack2 key is automatically read from your game config. Even if you’ve customized your aim-key, no need to mess any settings.
    • Note: this post-scope shoot delay is currently hardcoded, but could be exposed as a configurable setting in future.

Switches for these settings can be found under the Weapon Recognition section of the TriggerBot.


  • Disabled logic that disables/enables the BHop after hitting enter as feedback states this feature is annoying.
    • the BHop may now interfere when typing with the space bar during in-game messages (adding an extra space each time). I’ll come up with a better solution in the long-term.
  • Found & fixed a bug in the BHop that made it bounce & interfere superfluously, rather than at well timed intervals. This should improve overall reliability slightly.
  • Added logic to prevent specific features from independently crashing without warning (such as the ESP suddenly stopping).
  • Fixed sparkle error that prevented successful launch on some machines.
  • Fixed issue caused by copy & pasting problems, while copying license key from new email templates.


  • Refactored the BHop logic, performance should now be improved.
  • Improved performance of the Weapon Recognition component of the TriggerBot.
  • Improved safety-checks in ESP logic, reducing risk of this feature silently crashing on its own.

These fixes are included with version 2.2.30 of the CSGO Advantage Tool. If you’re already using it, you can update directly within the client using Help -> Updates from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. The new version is also available on the download section of effective immediately.

In case you didn’t see another exciting announcement, we can now accept various cryptocurrencies, at a cheaper monthly cost:

Now accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium & Litecoin!

If you have any questions or concerns, or notice any further issues, please let us know. We’re here to help.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Mac Game Hacks Team