[COD4] Bug Fixes – 17th March 2017

The Advantage Tool for COD4

The following are the changes released this week, applicable only to the Call of Duty 4 version of our Advantage Tool. These fixes are purely server-side fixes, meaning you don’t need to upload your copy of the advantage tool. Thank you to the users who have reported some of the issues addressed in this release.

Several users have reported this week that our COD4 Advantage Tool wasn’t affecting their game anymore after the calibration process:

This was due to a defect in one of our servers that was only present over the past 7 days. Fortunately not all of our users were affected, and the root cause has now been identified & fixed. This is in particular with thanks to two users who have quickly reported this issue and helped with further testing.

The tool calibration now successfully completes and once again displays the welcome message in the game console to indicate a successful injection:

We aim to provide the best service that we can to our customers, and this week unfortunately did not meet the high standards that we aim to provide. If you were affected by this issue, we encourage you to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support!

Scheduled Maintenance – Tool Services – March-4, 2017 – 16:00 – 17:00 (UTC)

This post is to announce a maintenance period of our backend services, in our efforts to address sporadic issues affecting the Easy Account Generator included with our Call of Duty 4 Advantage Tool.

Issue Background

Some users are currently unable to make use of the Easy Account Generator included with our COD4 Advantage Tool, with the following error being shown:

We have identified the root cause for this error to be a bug in our server-side APIs. Only the EAG is affected, all other features of our advantage tools remain functional.

Maintenance Period

During this maintenance period, all our advantage tools (COD4 & CSGO) may face temporary connection errors or false “update required” alerts. Any connection errors caused by this should not last longer than a minute. If you’re affected by these during your use of our advantage tools, please simply try again.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause – we’re working hard to enhance and continually improve the reliability of our services for all our customers. We thank you for your understanding.

Edit: The maintenance period is over and the COD4 Easy Account Generator bug has been fixed. If you were unable to use the easy account generator included with our COD4 Advantage Tool, please try again. If issues persist, please refer to these troubleshooting steps.

Upgrades Complete – Member Services – Feb-3, 2017

We’re pleased to announce that our upgrades were a success.

We will continue closely monitoring our old and new servers to ensure there are no remaining issues. As of today, our services are now faster and more reliable than ever!

Thank you for the continued support,

Your MGH Team

Scheduled Maintenance – Member Services – Feb-2, 2017 – 8:00 PM – 8:00 AM (UTC)

As part of our investment to provide the best service we can to our customers, we will performing a server migration and upgrade over the next 12 hours, starting at 8:00 PM UTC.

This migration is not expected to cause any downtime to our services. Our primary websites will remain online and responsive, including our contact forms & live chat:

Our support email will remain active without any downtime. The following services will remain functional, but may briefly display incorrect warnings during usage, due to delayed server synchronization:

  • The download forms on our websites, listed above, may briefly display incorrect warnings.
  • Our CSGO & COD4 Advantage Tools may briefly display incorrect warnings.
  • The Automatic Update functionality may briefly fail to recognize new updates available in our tools.
  • The order processing system may experience a slight delay in the automated processing of orders.

We have taken measures to ensure all our services have been thoroughly tested before starting, and will continue to do so during the upgrade process to ensure minimal risk of downtime for our services. Once the upgrade is complete the services we provide to our paying customers will be faster and more reliable than ever.

If you are affected by this migration or notice anything unusual, please contact us either via email, using the support form, or via live chat. Any issues experienced by this migration are temporary and can be corrected via manual intervention if needed. Likewise, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

We thank you for your patience and support!

Your MGH Team

Edit: Correction – migration begins at 8PM UTC, not 7.