[CSGO] The Weapon Configuration Update – 19th March 2017

The Weapon Configuration Update

We’re calling this week’s update for our CSGO Hack for Mac, the weapon configuration update!

Shortly after we released our CSGO Advantage Tool in January, we opened the doors to the configuration galore that is version 2.2.23 of our CSGO Multihack. This gave you the power to customize and tweak both the performance and behaviour of individual features within our CSGO Advantage Tool.

Today’s update refurbished this configuration galore and vastly improved the potential of our TriggerBot functionality. The developments that lead to this open new doors of exciting features we’ll work on next, such as a quickscoping feature (for those ex-COD players out there), and much more. But for now, here are the upgrade notes:


  • TriggerBot: Added weapon recognition grouped by weapon type: Grenades, C4, Knives, Zeus, Pistols, slowFire weapons, shotguns, snipers, SMGs & and assault rifles, and last but not least, HMGs.
    • That’s right, with slowFire the revolver is now usable and extremely fun!
  • TriggerBot: Added a configurable burst-fire option.
  • TriggerBot: Added configurable fire-style per weapon group:
    • Ignore
    • Single Fire
    • Burst Fire
  • TriggerBot: Added handler to prevent triggerbot from interfering if player is already shooting (mouse-click is held).


  • TriggerBot: Refined single-fire logic, allowing slow-fire weapons to be used (i.e. revolver).
    • The TriggerBot now fires long enough to fire revolvers when weapon recognition is enabled.
  • Calibration: Added logic to prompt user if the game version couldn’t be read for any reason. This will be handled more gracefully in a future update.

New Settings

  • Added setting to control whether weapon recognition is enabled.
    • Enabling weapon recognition might increase CPU usage slightly, but allows for a much refined and controllable TriggerBot experience.
  • Added settings to configure fire-style per weapon group.
  • Added setting to configure delays between fire bursts.
    • Reducing this delay makes burst-fire seem more like full-auto fire.
    • Increasing this delay makes burst-fire more controllable and precise, even at longer distances.
  • Added setting to configure number of shots fired per burst.

We strongly believe in empowering our users to how their Advantage Tool behaves. No CPU usage is wasted – we hate lag and FPS drops as much as the next gamer, so you have the power of tweaking and controlling every tweakable component of each and every feature.

As with the rest of our tool, all interface settings are remembered between launches. Tweak and tune your tool to perfection, and then any launch from that it’ll be ready to go without further configuration.

Before you get started

with the new update, if you’re having issues getting the burst-fire to actually burst, I recommend making a note of any tweaks you’ve made and trying the “Reset Saved Features” option from Tools in the menubar.

We’ve tweaked our default settings, some of which were tweaked to improve the burst fire option to a sweet-spot, the rest were tweaked based on recommendations from customers such as yourself.

As always, thank you for all the feedback (and the financial support)! We’re still full of tons of ideas, including a truly nifty quickscope feature to really ramp up the CSGO trickshot scene. If you have suggestions or ideas, or just want to share your feedback, please let us know!

Without further ado, version 2.2.25 of our CSGO Advantage Tool is now live with the weapon configuration update! Grab it from the download page using your activation details, or use the auto-update feature within your tool.