[CSGO] Hotfix – Weapon Recognition – 21st March 2017

This update is to address two ‘quality of life’ issues as soon as possible. Thank you to the two users who brought these to our attention as soon as they started happening.


  • Addressed sporadic issue where version 2.2.25 of the CSGO Advantage Tool would close silently and without warning, without displaying a crash report.
    • The cause has been identified and a fix has been applied through this update.
    • We’re no longer able to reproduce the issue on our end, but it was already extremely irregular to reproduce. If you still observe this happening in version 2.2.26 or newer, please let us know as soon as possible with the steps you took moments before this happened.
  • Your custom weapon recognition configuration is now remembered between launches. An issue in the calibration process has prevented these from correctly loading from memory in version 2.2.25.

These fixes are rolled into version of 2.2.26 of our CSGO Advantage Tool, available via the auto-update feature in-app, or via the download page on our CSGO site: https://www.csgomachacks.com/members.

We’re continually working to improve and enhance our services. Please let us know if you come across any other issues, in case we’re not already aware of them.


As a Mac Game Hacks member with an active license, you are entitled to full access to our currently public advantage tools. You can download the latest version of each respective tool from the members page:

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