Bug Fixes – 17th December 2016

Summary of key, recent fixes:

  • Fixed interface-related crashes experienced by some users, when a specific version of MacOS Sierra is used.
  • Fixed rare crash when the tutorial is run on a specific version of MacOS Sierra.
  • Fixed rare crash when account preferences are viewed, while on a specific version of MacOS Sierra.
  • Fixed interface issue when a second display with a lower resolution is used, resulting in incorrectly sized help-bubbles.

This fixes have been rolled into version, now available to customers on the members page.

  • Changes in the order-processing system to increase reliability and reduce rare processing delay.
  • Changes in the activation system to improve performance when activating the tool.
  • Fixed news widget on Call of Duty 4 tool website.

Server-side fixes are rolled out live or ahead of announcement. No customer action to take advantage of these improvements.

If you’re experiencing any issues, please let us know.