The Advantage Tool 1.2.2 – Improvements

Today build 1.2.2 of The Advantage Tool has been released. A full change log is included with the download available via the members page. In this vital update, several sections of the tool have been addressed.

Several people have had issues with the version system used by the Mac version of Call of Duty, resulting in difficulties when attempting to set up the tool for the first time. In the previous release, the first implementation of our Automatic Version Detection System has been put to test with the beta feature.

Due to the success of this new system, it is now used as part of the self-initialisation sequence used by the tool once the game has been detected. Version selection still needs to be done manually by the user for now, but the tool will try to detect the game version where possible, and show a little hint as guidance:


In other news, on some servers the old commands used by the tool, such as “mgh_recoil”, have been added to the server’s ban-list by their admins. Although this only affects a few servers where the admins must have seen the commands on this site and manually added them in, the commands have been changed slightly as a temporary solution to this problem while the long term solution is being finished. Refer to the change log included with the latest version (1.2.2) for further information on the new commands. Key binds will need to be updated accordingly.

Several bugs in the beta deployment system have been fixed, and related crashes of the game should no longer happen. If you still have issues with the beta feature, contact support via the link in the menu bar at the top of this page, explaining the problem in as much detail as possible.

The major bug affecting 1.7.2 users, relating to the unrecognised toggle bind, has been fixed. The game should now correctly recognise changes made to the mgh console commands, even via a keybind.

Refer to the included changelog for more information on what’s new in this update! If you have any questions or are having any issues, contact us via the link at the top of the page!